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What is a Fixed matches futures bets?

fixed matches futures bets is a type of bet where the result won’t be revealed until the distant future. No, we don’t mean days away or weeks away. We’re talking about months away or until the season ends.

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The key here is that it’s a bet that’s not wagered on a specific game or series. It’s a bet on an entire season until a champion is decided, which means that a lot of games will be played first before your bet happens. That is why we said earlier that it could take you months before you get a payout; if you win, of course. Obviously, it’s a great challenge and can be tough to predict since the result is still ways away.

Why You Should Try Futures Betting

There is a reason why most of the bettors of futures bets are casual bettors. This is because futures bets have very high odds fixed matches and attractive payouts. These odds are way higher than spread betting fixed matches odds, and money line betting correct score fixed matches and even has higher payouts than them.

That said, anyone who at least made a $10 bet on them won $3000. That’s insane. However, you might ask if the Rams were a value pick during that season. Actually, even though their payout of $30,000, a lot of people would still ignore them. However, best represents team value, which leads us to the second advantage of futures bets.

By taking note of all of the relevant information about a specific team and predicting how they will play during the season, you might just win big money if they make it at the end of the season. Of course, we can’t guarantee that there will always be teams with high odds fixed matches that will win, but it is certainly possible. Of course, the chances of you actually fixed matches winning are low, but that is why many people only make futures bets fixed matches for fun.

Can you buy fixed match here?

There are fixed games every week, in both, low and  top leagues.Those who know this information try to hide it as much as possible. These are usually club owners or football managers. They also avoid betting on those matches because high risk of losing their jobs and going to jail. That’s the main reason why they sell that information to people like me and a few others. Finding something like that is not an easy , and you need to have a lot of acquaintances. I was just lucky enough to meet a man on the Ibiza coast in a cafe. Sometimes luck is one of the factor for a successful business…Through a long conversation and hanging out with him for 10 days straight, We stepped into a whole world of unknown and start bussines  with our new friend. Since we were limited by the bookmakers, it was not possible to bet big, so We decided to create our own group of clients to whom We would sell additionally.

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Single Matches History November 2022

Date / Time Home Team Vs. Away Team Pick  Odd Results
01.10.2022 Hougang vs Geylang 1 2.20 4 : 1
02.10.2022 Meyrin vs Servette U21 2 2.40 1 : 3
03.10.2022 Jubilee vs Cece United 2 2.30 1 : 4
04.10.2022 B. Monchengladbach vs Stuttgart 1 2.30 3 : 1
05.10.2022 Hokkaido C. S. vs Shimizu S-Pulse 1 2.70 4 : 3
06.10.2022 Rotenburger vs Eintracht Celle 1 2.20 2 : 0
07.10.2022 Metz vs St Etienne 1 2.20 3 : 2
08.10.2022 Rochdale vs Salford 1 2.60 1 : 0
09.10.2022 Baroka vs Casric Stars 2 2.50 1 : 2
10.10.2022 Lviv vs Rukh Lviv 1 2.60 2 : 1
11.10.2022 Ascoli vs Frosinone 2 2.30 0 : 1
12.10.2022 Cardiff vs Sheffield Utd 2 2.40 0 : 1
13.10.2022 MOL Fehervar vs Kisvarda 1 2.40 4 : 1
14.10.2022 Hapoel Kfar Saba vs Nof Hagalil 1 2.40 1 : 0
15.10.2022 Paysandu PA vs Vila Nova FC X 3.10 0 : 0
16.10.2022 Viterbese vs Pontedera 1 2.25 1 : 0
17.10.2022 Penafiel vs Moreirense Over 2.5 2.40 1 : 2
18.10.2022 Bellinzona vs Thun 2 2.10 1 : 3
19.10.2022 Albion Rovers vs Stranraer 1 2.40 1 : 0
20.10.2022 Qatar vs Ecuador 2 2.25 0 : 2
21.10.2022 Inhulets vs Lviv 1 2.40 1 : 0
22.10.2022 AFC Telford vs Kidderminster 2 2.10 1 : 2
23.10.2022 Colchester vs Bristol Rovers 2 2.20 1 : 2



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Ticket Matches History November

Date / Time Home Team Vs. Away Team Pick  Odd Results
19.10.2022 Gijon vs Leganes BTTS-Yes 2.10 2 : 2
19.10.2022 Adanaspor AS vs Altinordu 1 2.10 2 : 1
19.10.2022 Fleetwood vs Bolton 2 2.25 1 : 2
19.10.2022 Salford vs Carlisle Over 2.5 2.10 1 : 4


Date / Time Home Team Vs. Away Team Pick  Odd Results
13.10.2022 Nijmegen vs Waalwijk 1 2.10 6 : 1
13.10.2022 St. Liege vs Royale Union SG 2 2.40 2 : 3
13.10.2022 Cuiaba vs Coritiba Over 2.5 2.25 2 : 1
13.10.2022 Aarhus vs FC Copenhagen 2 2.25 0 : 2


Date / Time Home Team Vs. Away Team Pick  Odd Results
12.10.2022 Benfica B vs Penafiel 2 2.60 1 : 2
12.10.2022 Politehnica T. vs Metaloglobus Bucharest 2 2.70 1 : 2
12.10.2022 Unirea Dej vs FC Buzau 2 2.30 2 : 3
12.10.2022 Kelty Hearts vs Montrose 2 2.40 1 : 3


Date / Time Home Team Vs. Away Team Pick  Odd Results
06.10.2022 Monza vs Spezia 1 2.00 2 : 0
06.10.2022 La Serena vs U. De Chile Over 2.5 2.00 1 : 2
06.10.2022 Huddersfield vs Hull 1 2.40 2 : 0
06.10.2022 Pitea vs Hammarby TFF 2 2.20 1 : 2


Date / Time Home Team Vs. Away Team Pick  Odd Results
05.10.2022 Riga FC 2 vs Jelgava 2 2.50 1 : 4
05.10.2022 LC Bamako vs Bakaridjan 2 2.40 0 : 1
05.10.2022 OFK Niksic vs Kom Podgorica 2 2.50 1 : 3
05.10.2022 Noordwijk vs AFC 2 2.50 1 : 3


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There is clearly a positive impact that confidence can have on bettors and our ability to make the right decisions when betting. However, there are also some dangers to be wary of that cause by confidence. The most obvious one to start with is overconfidence.

Overconfidence is a product of illusory superiority (or the “above average effect”) and, as the name would suggest, it results in an individual having excessive confidence in their skill or judgment. That is to say that we overestimate our own performance or our performance relative to others. In its simplest terms, overconfidence means we think we’re better than we actually are.

A lot of bettors will risk their money based on their perception of their predictive powers, with limited analysis to back it up. For these bettors, and many others, overestimating your ability to predict future outcomes will obviously be a costly mistake. Dealing with losses in betting is natural and can help question your approach. If the losses stack up but you keep going with the same approach, driven by confidence in thinking that you are right and you’ve just been a victim of bad luck, the losses will only continue.

Confidence and our perception of others

Excessive confidence in our own skill and the impact it can have on the decision-making process. Betting is one thing, but it is equally as harmful when it impacts our perception of the ability of others. This can distort our understanding of the level of competition faced in the betting market.

Daily fixed match 1×2 betting

If you have too much confidence in your own ability and discount the ability of others. You will underestimate how difficult it is to be in the small percentage of successful bettors. If you think you are better than others. This can not only influence your mindset and work ethic but also lead to miss opportunities and poor decisions being made.

Betting max stake fixed matches tips 1×2

How can confidence help with betting?

Most bettors who have enjoy continue success will likely tell you. That it’s the result of a lot of hard work. In addition to putting the work in and acquiring the knowledge and skill that is required to identify value in a betting market fixed games 1×2. You also need a bit of luck and a fair amount of patience to see things through. While confidence won’t necessarily provide you with any of those. It can help you find Paid Daily Tips Fixed Matches 1×2 motivation and perseverance. When you start to doubt yourself or your process (something that is completely natural to bettors when things don’t go to plan).

Confidence in your own ability or the ability of your model will help you keep working to improve. And try new things. Confidence alone is never going to be enough and ultimately, rigorous testing and assessment of your performance will tell you how good you are at betting win tips 1×2 today. However, confidence can certainly help you deal with variance and inevitable losses that happen on the way to achieving success.

If you want to make a career out of fixed winning odds matches betting and earn enough money to generate an income. Then you’ll likely find yourself risking a lot of money (either in big individual bets or a lot of relatively small bets). It is important that you never bet more than you can afford to lose. But you also need to have enough confidence in yourself and what you are betting on to be able to part with that money.


Betting against confidence


There are many examples of people buying into to past performance as an indicator of future success. This is borne out by the hot hand fallacy and a tendency for people to attribute more meaning to a random pattern of success than might actually be the case. There may be a boost of confidence that has contribute to continue success but the hot hand fallacy makes us overestimate these contributing factors and neglect the randomness involve.

It is interesting to consider that because of the bias that arises from the hot hand fallacy. There can actually be value in fixed odds winning tips 1×2 betting against teams who are “full of confidence”. Because the market buys into notions such as a feel-good factor or overestimates the likelihood of a good run of form continuing. The odds on the alternative options within the market may be higher than they should be and thus. Offer a wager using our Paid Daily Tips Fixed Matches 1×2.


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